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Hair Growth Mask

hg-mask-180BF1 Hair Growth Mask 草藥生髮膜 – Immediately Treat Oily Scalp. Control Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Growth. BF1 Hair Growth Series growth hair and control hair loss within 7 days. BF1 Hair Growth Series solved over 90% of oily scalp problems. 100% Natural Herbals Formulation to treat oily hair, reduce hair loss and prevent balding.

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Hair Growth Mask 180g


Hair Growth Mask Trial Pack 60g


Hair Growth Mask

Treat Oily Scalp

Derived from natural herbal ingredients to treat oily hair, reduce hair loss and prevent balding. Special formulation offers effective control of excessive sebum, prevents acne (hair follicle inflammation), prevent clogging of hair follicles and ease penetration of hair growth tonic into hair & scalp.

草藥生髮膜 – 改善油性頭皮


Oily Scalp – Cause Of Balding


How Hair Growth Mask Recovering Balding


Product Ingredients

Angelica Sinensis, Ginseng, Arisaema Consanguineum Schott, Polygonum Multiforum, Syzgium Aromaticum, Mentha Arvensis, Natural Herbals, Protein, Goulin, Zeamays Gramineae.


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Use Direction – Hair Growth Mask

Step 1 – Use 2 tea spoon of BF1 Hair Growth Mask Powder mix with 2 tea spoon water. 把兩茶匙BF-1生髮膜滲於兩茶匙的水

Step 2 –   Gently apply onto scalp, wait for 15 minutes. ( Do not wait until dry off ) 搽在頭皮上稍等15分鐘 (不需等乾透)

Step 3 – Rinse off with hair growth shampoo. Then use Tonic or GBA.  用 BF1 Hair Growth Shampoo 把頭髮洗淨


Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair Growth Shampoo 250ml


Hair Growth Shampoo Trial Pack 150ml


Hair Growth Shampoo

Control Hair Loss & Enhance Hair Growth

Contains natural herbal extracts to remove dead skin / dandruff, and sebum. It will cleanse and protect your hair and scalp.

草藥生髮洗髮精華 – 控制脱发及促使生髮



We Are Not Using Ingredients As Below :

Diethanolamine (DEA) – In 1998, it was discovered that DEA  is a potent carcinogen (Cancerous).

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth SulfateThis harsh ionic detergents as cancer-causing chemicals can be absorbed through it into the bloodstream are irritant to skin.

Sodium Chloride/Sodium Borate Often used as thickener, causing skin irritants.

Synthetic colors FD&C May cause cancer not only when ingested, but also when applied to the skin.

Mineral Oil (Paraffin, paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum)Materials known to be carcinogenic (Cancerous) to humans.

PEG May produce cancer of the liver and nasal turbinates in animal test, as well as systemic cancer in skin painting test.

Propyl Paraban / Butyl Paraben / Menthyl Paraben Often used as preservative in cosmetics, it may cause skin irritants to sensitive skin.

Propylene Glycol It may cause skin irritants and skin cancer.


Diethanolamine (DEA) – 潤濕劑 – 根據1998年的報告顯示,是一種潛在的致癌物.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate – 發泡劑 – 在洗潔工業,SLS/SLES 被作為車間地面洗潔劑,引擎去油劑.它因此是侵蝕及損害皮膚的致癌物.

Sodium Chloride/Sodium Borate – 硼沙 – 使洗髮精變的濃及黏性,其成份會導致皮膚敏感.

Synthetic colours FD&C – 人造色素 – 含有污染雜物可致癌,在應用時,經過皮膚接觸時可滲透人體,進入消化器官.某些人造煤焦油,含有重金屬,包括坤(俗稱砒霜)和鉛的成份,這些都是致癌物.

Mineral Oil (Paraffin, paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum) – 礦物油類 – 含有毒害物成份,都是統稱滲透人體的致癌物.

PEG – 從動物試驗顯示,這類污染化學成份滲透体內,竟能導致催生作用,誘變成為肝癌及鼻甲骨癌症.

Propyl Paraban / Butyl Paraben / MenthylParaben – 防腐劑 – 也稱為hydrobenzoates,這些化學物資普遍作為化妝品的防腐劑,原因是具有抗菌和抗霉菌特性.但這些原料在敏感的人身上容易引起過敏或皮膚問題.

Propylene Glycol – 活性劑 – 人造石油合成物,用於滋潤劑及活性劑或防腐用途,可導致皮膚敏感,皮膚硬化及皮膚癌.


Our Shampoo Ingredients :

Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Ginseng Extract (Panax Ginseng), Henna, Peppermint Distillate, Polyquartenium, DMDM Hydantoin, Distilled Water.

Use Direction :

Gently apply BF1 Hair Growth Shampoo onto scalp,  mix with water, massage for 5 minutes then rinse off, then use BF1 Hair Growth Conditioner.


Hair Growth Conditioner

Hair Growth Conditioner 250ml


Hair Growth Conditioner Trial Pack 150ml



Hair Growth Conditioner

Control Hair Loss & Repair Damage Hair
Natural herbal extracts are enriched with Wheatgerm Oil which contains protein, pantothenic acid, vitamins and etc, enabling them to strengthen the weakening hair. Besides, Wheatgerm Oil contains fatty acids that encourage the revitalization of hair cells while repairing hair epidermis and hair cortex.

草藥生髮护髮精華 – 控制脱发及修复髮发



Ingredients :

Ginseng Extract (Panax Ginseng), Henna, Peppermint Distillate, Wheatgermamidopropyl, Emulsifier Wax, DMDM Hydantoin, Distilled Water.


Instructions To Use

Apply BF1 Hair Growth Conditioner onto scalp. Gently massage for 5 minutes then rinse Off.