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Professional Hair Growth Treatment


Professional Hair Growth Treatment Set

– RM1,888.00

Results Within 7 days Money Back Guarantee

1no Hair Growth Treatment Mask 180g
1no Hair Growth Treatment Solution 220ml
1no Hair Growth Treatment Ampules 12nos X 8ml
Set Promotion Price : RM1,888.00
+ Free 12 packs 50g Hair Growth Treatment Mask RM88.00 X 12 = RM1056.00
( Promotion Valid Before 31st December 2009 )

Many of us thought that after we suffered hair losses, we will become bald headed and the hair will not grow again. Although hair losses happened, but the roots of the hair are still alive, therefore the roots of those bald headed people are still alive. A dead man’s s hairs are still growing temporary. So, man who are alive means the root of their hairs are still alive.

Question 1 : Will new hair grow from sealed scalp pores?
Answer 1 : Yes, it’s a matter of time and duration of treatment. The balder the hair, the longer time and period of treatment required.

Question 2 : Is a prolonged sealed hair root consider alive?
Answer 2 : Yes, the vitality of hair root is extremely strong. A sealed or blocked hair root may rejuvenate with a renewed supply of nutrients and air, just as our body’s healing power.


问题 1 : 毛孔关闭的头皮还会生发吗?
答案 1 : 会,只是时间及疗程的长短.头发越是光秃,时间及疗程也越长.

问题2 : 关闭已久的发根还会有生命力吗?
答案2 : 会的,发根的生命力很强,关闭或被阻塞的发根会因为再次获得营养和空气而从新生长,正如我们人体会自然愈合伤口一样.


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Treatment Solution – Professional Hair Growth Treatment

hairgrowth-solutionProfessional Hair Growth Treatment

Treatment Solution

Stimulates the growth of hair papilla | 刺激毛乳頭生長

220ml  | RM688.00 (USD$220.16)

Normal hair loss may cause the hair roots and papilla to enter their dormancy periods, while oils on scalp may deter hair roots to breath and grow freely. Daily sunlight exposure and the failure of stratum corneum(i.e. dead cells) to replenish itself may result in baldness. A healthy scalp appears to be palish. Yellowish scalp are the result of exposure to UV lights, causing the formation of dead skin on stratum corneum, thus prohibiting further hair growth.


*  Softens the stratum corneum (dead cells).
*  Stimulates the growth of hair papilla.
*  Enlarges scalp pores.
*  Removes the parasites and bacteria on the scalp.
*  Promotes the blood circulation of scalp.

*   軟化角質層(即死皮)
*   刺激毛乳頭生長
*   擴張頭皮毛孔
*   消除頭皮寄生物及細菌
*   促進頭皮血液循環


Reason Of Baldness

1. After hair loss, oil, bacteria and parasites may clog the pores to block normal hair growth development.
2. Daily exposure, air pollution and excessive oil secretion on scalp may stop the replacement of stratum corneum.
3. The skin may produce new stratum corneum every day. Old stratum corneum failing to replace itself through metabolism will become dead skin. Daily exposure to environmental factors may wither the skin and prohibit the growth of new hair.


1. 脱发后,如让油脂,细菌及寄生物填满毛孔会阻碍毛发的正常发育。
2. 日常曝晒,空气感染及太多的油脂分泌都会使角质层无法根换。
3. 皮肤每天都会制造新的角质层,如果旧的角质层无法随身体的新陈代谢而更换就变成死皮,经过日晒雨淋后皮肤变得枯黄而不再生发。


Direction Of Use :
Step 1 : Spray the Solution over the scalp (may feel somewhat biting)
Step 2 : Wait for the scalp to get used to it, then wrap the hair up with a towel , spray again until fully dampened.
Step 3 : Leave for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


hairgrowth-solution-ingredientsIngredients 成份

Radix Ginseng – Helps to activated cells and extend cell life to speed up hair growth process.
野人参 – 能活化细胞,延长细胞寿命及加速头发生长。

Panax Ginseng – Helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen the cells absorptive capacity to promote hair growth.
生晒参 – 活血,加强细胞的吸收能力,促进生发.

Arisaema Consanguineum Koidz – To provide hair growth nutrients.
天南星 – 提供生发的营养素。

Polygonum Multiforum – Contains lecithin and variety of nutrients to helps on hair growth process.
何首乌 – 含有卵磷脂及多种营养成分帮助生发过程.

Peppermint – Helps to strengthen the scalp absorptive capacity of  nutrition, stop itchiness and anti dandruff.
薄荷 – 加强头皮对营养的吸收能力,可止痒及预防头皮屑的滋生.

Ginger  – Helps blood circulation, stimulate hair roots and promote hair growth, also helps on anti-inflammatory effects.
生姜 – 促进血液循环,刺激发根及促进头发生长,有抗炎作用.

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