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Firm Up Gel – Firm Up Face Series


Firm UP 2 – Firm UP Gel

55ml  / Rm198.00 (USD$63.36)

Firm Up your face skin, reduce double chin,  wrinkles and neck line. Its also helps to reduce acne & acne scars detoxification & disintegrate face fats within 7 days. (Take your photo before use the products, then retake after 7 days to compare result. Simple using twice a days, results within 7 days. )


Ingredients : Algae Extract, Seaweed Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Orange Oil, Carbomer, TEA.

成份:海藻精华, 海藻精华, 葡萄柚精华, 橙油, Carbomer, TEA

Direction : After cleansing face, apply Firm UP Gel directly on face, chin and neck , gently massage to dry. Use twice a day.



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