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FAQ For Hair Growth Home Care Series

FAQ For Hair Growth Home Care Series

Control Hair Loss & Promoting Hair Growth

Hair Growth Series solved over 90% of all types  hair loss problems. Recovery and results are confirmed faster, safer & effective compare to others existing branding in all world market. We provide products guarantee, service & professional consult to make sure good products can speak by itself.

Many of us thought that after we suffered hair losses, we will become bald headed and the hair will not grow again. Although hair losses happened, but the roots of the hair are still alive, therefore the roots of those bald headed people are still alive. A dead man’s s hairs are still growing temporary. So, man who are alive means the root of their hairs are still alive.

Note : For those who have hair loss caused by long term medication, hormone imbalance, Insomnia and physical sickness, our products can control hair loss but not cause hair growth.




How To Select Hair Growth Home Care Series

Damaged Hair Fall Off – Damaged hairs are the crooked and fine hairs which will fall off when new hair grows.

Scalp Itchy – Scalps with injuries, dandruff, inflamed follicles, psoriasis, infection and excessive dryness itch.These will disappear in 3 days.

Hair Loss Control – From serious hair loss to normal hair loss. Normal hair loss is 30-50 strands a day.

Growth of New Hair – Number and rate of growth of new hair differs in males and females, and are subject to individual age and health.

Restoration of Scalp – A health scalp is off-while in color.A dark yellow scalp indicates the beginning of serious hair loss.

Professional Treatment – Professional Treatment Series – can achieve faster and more satisfying hair growth results.

坏发脱落 – 坏发是卷曲而幼细的头发,在新发要长出时坏发会脱落.

头皮痕痒 – 一般头皮伤口,头皮屑,丁疮癣疮,炎症及干燥头皮都会痕痒.在两三天内会消失.

控制脱发 – 从严重脱发控制成正常的脱发数量.正常脱发数量每天30-50æ ¹.

幼发生长 – 幼生长的速度及数量因男女不同,年龄不同及健康不同有分别差异.

头皮恢复健康 – 健康的头皮是苍白色,枯黄的头皮是代表脱发严重的开始.头皮恢复健康,头发自然生长.

专业护理系列 – 专业护理系列-能达到更快速及满意的生发效果.


Note : For those who have hair loss caused by long term medication, hormone imbalance, Insomnia and physical sickness, our products can control hair loss but not cause hair growth.



Black Hair FAQ – Solution For Gray Hair


1. Every set of Black Hair Series can use for 30-45 days depending the hair length & volume.
2. Dying hair will not effected the results during the process of using the Black Hair Series.
3. Do not bleaching your hair during the process of using Black Hair Series, because bleaching hair will clear away all the Black Melanin Cell.
4. The Black Hair results will be starting from the hair roots of major white hair, wait until the black hair reach more then 2 cm, then you can reduce the usage of the Black Hair Series.
5.  The Black Hair Series results providing more then 90% of white hair turn to black hair or dark brown hair.  (Some of the hardworking user can cover 100%, so the results will all depending the process of you using the Black Hair Series.)
6.  The Black Hair Series have to using by the set as above, one or two items from the above will not providing any good results to your hair.
7. Once the new growth black hair length reach more then 6 cm, the hair will not turn back to white again in the event of you maintaining good life style.
8.  Any further technical assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at : +603-6253 1125


5.黑发系列效果達至90%以上,新長的白发將变黑或深棕色. (勤劳用者或能100%將白发变黑)
8.任何有关问题請連絡我们 : +603-6253 1125

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