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Treatment Ampules – Professional Hair Growth Treatment

hairgrowth-ampoulesProfessional Hair Growth Treatment

Treatment Hair Ampules

Makes the hair root and papilla healthy and strong

8ml X 12nos | Come With Treatment Set

Once the hair root and papilla enter their dormancy periods, they require adequate nutrients to reactivate hair growth for new hair replacement. As you age, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients may gradually deteriorate. Hence a continuous supply of nutrients to the epidermis is essential, or else the effects would be prominent.  Treatment Ampules contains large amount of Ginseng extracts which may activate scalp cells, making hair root and papilla to grow healthier and stronger.

* Makes the hair root and papilla healthy and strong.
* Stimulates hair root during their dormancy periods.
* Provides nutrients to the hair.
* Control hair loss.
* Promotes blood circulation of the scalp.
* Activates scalp cells.

发根及毛乳头进入休止期时是需要大量的营养给于滋补,使它们尽快投入成长期来补充脱发的空缺.随着年龄的增长,体内的吸收力会渐渐衰退,所以皮肤的表层营 养更不能缺少而且效果会更明显. Treatment Hair Ampules 含有大量的长白山野人参的精华,能活化头皮细胞及使发根或毛乳头更健康强壮.

* 使发根或毛乳头健康强壮.
* 唤醒休止期的发根.
* 供给发毛营养.
* 控制脱发量.
* 促进头皮血液循环.
* 活化头皮细胞.



Treatment Hair Ampules

Makes the hair root and papilla healthy and strong

8ml X 3nos | RM388.00 (USD$124.16)

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* We lose an average of 50-100 strands of hair daily.
* 日常脱发-50至100根不等.

* Shorten the dormancy period of hair roots may promote faster hair growth.
* 使脱发的发根缩短,休止期让发毛快速成长.

* Aging, weather conditions and negligence may cause the volume of hair to reduce.
* 一般的生发量会因年龄,气候及疏忽照顾而下降.

Function Of Treatment Hair Ampules
1. Once the hair roots enter their dormancy periods, Treatment Ampules will effectively stimulate the hair growth.
2. Treatment Ampules encourages hair growth at 30% faster than normal rate.
3. An adequate supply of nutrients to the hair root would result in a healthier and stronger hair growth.

Treatment Hair Ampules 的治疗功能
1。发根一旦进入其休眠期, Treatment Hair Ampules 有效促进头发发根生长。
2。Treatment Hair Ampules 能让头发生长速度比正常的快30%以上。
3。Treatment Hair Ampules 能让发根的营养充足供应,毛根会让头发健康和强劲的增长。


Direction Of Use :
Step 1 : Shake well and pour the Treatment Hair Ampules onto the scalp.
Step 2 : Gently Massage for 10 minutes then rinse off.
Step 3 : Use Hair Growth Conditioner massage for 5 minutes then rinse off.

使用步骤1 : 将 Treatment Hair Ampule 摇均之后倒在头皮上.
使用步骤2 : 轻轻按摩10分钟,然后清洗。
使用步骤3 : 使用 Hair Growth Conditioner 按摩5分钟,然后再清洗。


Ingredients 成份

Radix Ginseng – Helps to activated cells and extend cell life to speed up hair growth process.
野人参 – 能活化细胞,延长细胞寿命及加速头发生长。

Panax Ginseng – Helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen the cells absorptive capacity to promote hair growth.
生晒参 – 活血,加强细胞的吸收能力,促进生发.

Astragalus Membranaceus – Contains 21 kinds of oxy acid for supply the hair with nutrients.
北茂 – 有21种氧基酸给于头发充足的养分。

Ligusticum Chuanxiong Radix – to improve skin blood circulation and inhibit the aging of skin cells,  expended scalp pores increase the absorption of nutrients,  helps to increase the hair’s tensile strength and elongation.
川芎 – 能改善皮肤血液循环和抑制皮肤组织细胞的老化,圹大头部毛细血管而增加头发营养的吸收,能提高头发的拉强度和延伸性。

Angelica Sinensis – Helps blood circulation, stimulate hair roots , promote hair growth and the provision of hair growth nutrients.
当归 – 促进血液循环及提供生发的营养素.

Polygonum Multiforum – Contains lecithin and variety of nutrients to helps on hair growth process.
何首乌 – 含有卵磷脂及多种营养成分帮助生发过程.

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