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Black Hair Conditioner – Solution For Gray Hair

Black Hair Conditioner

250ml | RM68.00 | USD$21.76

Contains natural plants essence which highly contain vitamin E & plant protein  increase metabolism & provoke reproduction of hair papilla .


Ingredients : Morus Alba Extract, Rhus Glabra Extract, Polygonum Multiforum Extract, Sesamun Indicum Extract, Eugina Caryophyllata Extract, Emulsifier, DMDM Hydatoin, Fragrance, Distilled Water.

Direction – Use Once or Twice A Day. 用法 : 每天用一至兩次

Step 3 – Apply Black Hair Conditioner, Gently massage for 5 minutes, then rinse off.
將Black Hair Conditioner 塗在头皮上,輕輕按摩5分钟.然後 將头发洗淨.