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Anti Wrinkle Face Ampules – Fit 3

Anti Wrinkle Face Ampules – Fit 3

120ml  |  Rm688.00 |  USD$220.16

Reduce Face Wrinkles – Result Within 7 Days (Result Guarantee)

* Reduce Wrinkles  *Face Firming * Reduce Eyes Bag

* Reduce Double Chin  * Immediate Face Slimming

Reduce wrinkles, double chin, wrinkles, eye bag and neck aging within 7 days. Before use, please take a photo of yourself then retake again after 7 days usage to see results.

消除皺紋 – 7天內見效 (效果保证)

* 收緊臉部皮膚 * 消除皺紋

* 瘦双下巴 * 立即瘦臉  * 減少眼袋


Above Photo Shown 7 Days Results | 上面照片显示7天的效果

Ingredients : ( 99% Natural Ingredients Not Harmful For Any Skin Type  )

Grape Seed Oil, Algae Extract, Seaweed Extract, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil, Mandarin Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Distilled Water, Preservative.



Direction : After cleansing face, apply Fit 3 Ampoule directly on face, chin and neck , gently massage to dry. Use twice a day.


BF1 Magic Face Regeneration Series – Fit123

No Surgeries , No Medication, Fit123 perform immediate Face Slimming. Reduce Double Chin, Reduce Wrinkles, Perform Face Firming, Reduce Acne and Reduce Scar Visibility. It consist of 100% natural herbal extracts, will not harm skin even with long time usage. Using it consistently will enhance facial skin into firmer looking skin, youthfulness and prevention of premature aging.

BF1 魔法臉部整形系列 – Fit123

不用开刀,不用吃葯,Fit123让您立即瘦臉,除双下巴,去皺紋,緊膚,去暗瘡及疤痕. Fit123 採用100%純天然植物精华提練而成,没有任何副作用及反效果. Fit123 有助於抗老及收緊臉部皮膚,長期使用让肌膚回春及亮丽光滑.

Firm Up Face Series – Anti Aging

Firm Up Face Series – Anti Aging


Face Lifting and Face Firming

Immediate Result Money back guarantee within 7 days.

Many people have doubts  with this photos showing above, is that the computer photoshop results!? BF1 welcome you to challenges our Firm UP Series on the spot for an immediate results. If you can’t come for testing the results by your own self, BF1 provide you Money back guarantee within 7 days.

BF1-Firm UP Series immediately lifting your skin and let you see immediate results by not keep any risk. Why should move further to reduce wrinkles by lift surgery?

Use Firm UP Face Gel applied half of the face in front of the mirror, massage gently 5 minutes, you could see the immediate lifting results.Take your own photo as the above before start using, and then take photo again after seven days use of Firm Up Series. You can see improvement of your face skin textures and shape of youth.


立即拉紧脸部皮肤 – 七天内原价奉还的效果保证

很多人都对以上照片抱着半信半疑的态度,有些人更坚持不信,认为是电脑效果.BF1欢迎您来亲身体验或挑战 BF1-Firm UP Series 的立即现场效果.如果您不能来亲身体验,BF1 给于您七天内原价奉还的效果保证.何必再动拉皮减皱纹手术, BF1-Firm UP Series 立即拉紧您的脸部皮肤,让您即时看见效果而不存任何风险.

您只需对着镜子用 Firm UP Face Gel 涂抹半边脸部,轻轻按摩5分钟,立即能看见明显效果.您也可以在使用前拍摄自己的照片与以上一样,然後用七天后再拍摄看出放果分别.BF1-Firm UP Series 肯定让您欢天喜地,因为您的青春年青是无价的.不论什么年龄,请您给于自己一个全新的机会,让自已越变越美丽,越用越年轻,超越年龄界线.何必再等,现在就联络 BF1 全马代理或股务专线 603-4048 1188 (11am-8pm) 讯问订购.


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